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Solving Your Engine Problems for the Past 11 Years

The engine of an automobile or any other machine forms the core of the system. If the engine is malfunctioning or working with below-par efficiency, it can not only increase the maintenance and running costs but also make your vehicle breakdown. 

Trust the reliable team of professional mechanics at Ultimate Machine for best results.
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Race car engine

Performance Enhancement

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If you think that your engine is not performing optimally or is not generating enough power, stop by our garage at 1659 2nd St. With our precise diagnostics and repair apparatus, we will make it as good as new.

Don't forget to ask for your FREE on-site estimate today! Our services are affordably priced.
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Engine Repair and Rebuilding

Our specialized engine services are not just reserved for cars. We also have the capability to handle irrigation engines and diesel engines. That's not all. We can rebuild an engine from scratch! Call 785-543-3080 for more details.
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Race car engine
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